NVIDIA is Now the Second Largest Fabless Chipmaker, AMD at No. 4 Beating MediaTek after a 71% YoY Increase in Q1 2022 Revenue

NVIDIA is now the second-largest fabless chipmaker (by revenue) second to only Qualcomm with a quarterly revenue approaching $8 billion. After registering a 53% YoY increase in its Q1 earnings last month, Team Green is primed to take the #1 spot with the launch of the Grace CPUs. Coming to AMD, the company once again reported record figures of $5.9 billion, marking a YoY increase of 71% in its first-quarter revenue.

via: Trendforce

This makes AMD the second-fastest-growing fabless chipmaker next to Marvell. It has now maintained a YoY growth of around 70% for roughly over four quarters. Team Red dislodged Taiwanese SoC designer MediaTek to assume the fourth position on the list of top IC companies. The latter reported a mild first quarter with a revenue of $5 billion, “just” 32% higher than the same period last year. A good chunk of AMD’s gains this quarter came from the successful acquisition of Xilinx which reported quarterly earnings of $851 million in Q1 2021.


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