NVIDIA has Shipped 130K RTX 4090s, 30K RTX 4080s, with Plenty of Stock Available

NVIDIA’s RTX 40 series graphics cards are selling like hotcakes, with 160,000 units already shipped. The GeForce RTX 4080 launched last week has shipped 30,000 units, while the RTX 4090 has shipped 130,000. These figures were shared by the hardware editor over at WCCFTech, according to whom the former got a larger inventory at launch. Although stocks have already dried up at popular online retailers like Newegg and Amazon, you can snag a few units at a premium.

Offline retailers like Microcenter still have plenty of cards in stock at MSRP-ish prices, but given the already high price tag, it’s a hard pass from me. Remember that these figures represent the number of GPUs shipped to retailers and distributors, not the units sold.


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