NVIDIA GTX 1650 and RTX 2060 Most Sold GPUs in Feb; AMD Closes in on 30% CPU Market Share [Steam]

In a GPU market plagued by severe shortages, scalpers, and sky-high prices, NVIDIA’s GTX 1650 turned out to be the most sold graphics card in February, followed by the RTX 2060, with an increase of +0.24% and +0.21, respectively. At the same time, the latest mobile Turing and Ampere RTX GPUs all together increased NVIDIA’s market share by +0.34%. Steam tends to mark them as “NVIDIA Graphics Device” as a single unit.

AMD’s Vega integrated graphics also saw a moderate gain of +0.07% thanks to the continued sale of Renoir notebooks while the higher-end Ampere graphics cards consolidated their claim as well. The RTX 3080 grew by +0.11%, increasing its share to 0.77%, the 3060 Ti went from 0.27% to 0.34% while the 3090 from 0.23% to 0.30%.

These figures help explain the slight drop in AMD’s share in the discrete GPU market and the resultant gain for NVIDIA in the latest JPR report. While the newer Ampere cards saw moderate gains, the older Turing cards sold fairly well. On AMD’s side, there wasn’t a single dGPU in the top 20. The absence of the Big Navi cards months of the launch is quite striking and further contributed to this:

On the CPU side, AMD continued its crusade closing in on the 30% CPU share on the Steam platform. Feb saw Team Red increase its share by +0.52% reaching 28.51%, ever so close to the company’s highest holding in almost forever.

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