NVIDIA GTX 16 Series, RTX 2060 & 2070 Super: Best Selling GPUs in June; AMD Continues to Gain CPU Share

The Steam Hardware survey results for June are here, and once again, they seem to heavily favor NVIDIA’s Turing GPUs. It seems like the adoption of RTX GPUs among Steam gamers has really taken off. This month two out of the five best-selling GPUs were RTX cards, and high-end ones at that. While the top-three spots were still dominated by the 16-series lineup: GTX 1650 at #1, 1660 Super at #2 and the 1660 Ti at #3, the RTX 2070 Super and 2060 Super came in a close fourth and fifth, respectively.

It’s interesting to note that the RTX 2070 sold the same number of units as the GTX 1660 Ti and just a bit fewer than the 1660 Super. The GTX 1650 sold twice as much with a gain of 0.39% in June. In contrast, the 1650 Super which is a much better pick was much less popular. I suspect most of these 1650s are from laptops and pre-built PCs. There are a lot of them after all.

On the CPU side, AMD’s Ryzen CPUs continue chipping at Intel’s massive share. This month, Team Red gained by another 0.71%, nearly the same as last month while Intel’s plummeted to a decade low of 76.84%.

Out of these two, the GPU market is more interesting. Seeing the GTX 16 series in the top-five is expected but the RTX 2070 Super is selling for well over $450 at most retailers at the moment. AMD’s rival RX 5700 XT which offers nearly the same levels of performance, minus ray-tracing costs around $200 less and it’s nowhere in the top-ten. It’s remarkable how much of an impact marketing and public perception really have, regardless of how good the actual product is.


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