NVIDIA GPU Shipments Fell by 26% in Q2 2022 as AMD’s Market Share Continues to Grow

The GPU market remained in state disarray through the second quarter of 2022 amid slumping prices and falling demand. Jon Peddie Research reports that the global PC GPU market grew to 84 million units in Q2 while the CPU shipments dropped by 34% YoY. Over the next five years, the discrete graphics card market is set to account for 30% of the overall GPU market. Although shipments dropped across the board, some vendors took a much bigger hit than the rest.

As indicated by its quarterly earnings report, NVIDIA suffered a haughty blow losing 3.5% market share and a cut of 25.7% in overall GPU unit shipments quarter-over-quarter. Meanwhile, AMD’s overall market share dipped by a meager 1.1% with the shipments falling by just 7.6%. Looking at the PC GPU market as a whole, NVIDIA lost three percent while AMD gained one percent share through Q2 2022. The latter ended the first half of the year with a healthy 5% increase in sales.

The overall attach rate of GPUs including integrated graphics for desktops, notebooks, and workstation PCs was down by 7.9% over the last quarter. Discrete graphics card (AIB) share declined by 22.6% compared to the previous quarter.

Source: JPR


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