NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Founders Edition Review

As with the other Ada Lovelace cards, the 4070 is incredibly efficient. It draws an average of 193W on average in most gaming workloads with a thermal reading of 69C, with clocks hovering around 2700MHz. For reference, the RTX 3070 Ti sips 301W and the 4080 averages 248W.


In line with its $1,200 price tag, the RTX 4080 is 60-80% faster than the RTX 4070 in most gaming benchmarks. The RTX 4070 holds a lead of up to 25% over the 3070 Ti. The deltas shrink to under 10% in rasterization workloads while raytracing workloads see the RTX 4070 lead by 15-20%. These numbers make the RTX 4070 faster than the 3070 Ti at the same price point but only by a small margin. The addition of newer rendering techniques most notably DLSS 3, SER, and micromaps are the primary selling points here.

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