NVIDIA GeForce Partner Program Reportedly Coming Back to Tackle Intel’s ARC GPUs

According to a report from Moore’s Law Is Dead, NVIDIA is looking to revive its GeForce Partner Program, albeit with less fanfare to combat Intel’s upcoming ARC Alchemist graphics cards. The source claims that multiple NVIDIA reps and AIB partners have indicated that the GPU-maker is pushing AICs to limit the ARC graphics cards to the lower tier SKUs to make NVIDIA GPUs look superior.

This move isn’t much surprising as Intel’s brand name and marketing are much more predominant than AMD’s. To the average consumer, anything Intel makes automatically promises quality. That’s the level of trust consumers have in Intel’s products even though the Santa Clara-based chipmaker has been lagging behind its rivals for a while now.

Unfortunately for NVIDIA, Intel is no AMD and has the resources to fight a proxy war for OEMs/ODMs and board partner support on all ends. Therefore, you can expect this to become a heated battle behind the scenes where some AIBs prefer Intel while the rest stick with NVIDIA.

The notebook market is where this should be more evident as eight out of ten notebooks sold contain Intel processors, with a good chunk of them leveraging an NVIDIA GPU as well. OEMs now will have the chance to pair Intel CPUs with Intel dGPUs, likely at a rebate/discount or preferential treatment of some sort. Hence, it’s no surprise that NVIDIA is panicking and resorting to any and all practices to preserve its position in the GPU markets. (


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