NVIDIA GeForce Partner Program Reportedly Back in Chinese Notebook Market [Unconfirmed]

According to whispers in the industry, NVIDIA’s much-dreaded GeForce Partner Program is reportedly making a return in the mobile (notebook) segment, only in China though. The company is supposedly forcing OEMs and ODMs to limit their designs to NVIDIA GPUs and ignore the newly launched Radeon RX 6000M lineup.

This is a fairly commonly used tactic in certain regions with limited anti-competitive rules wherein CPU/GPU vendors sign up with an OEM, granting rebates and increased supply priority in turn for exclusivity deals and/or ignoring rival offerings. This is likely one of the reasons why we didn’t see Renoir laptops with high-end GeForce Turing GPUs. Generally, though, these kinds of deals are usually localized to one or two vendors and OEMs.

In the case of the Ampere mobile vs RDNA 2 notebook designs, however, NVIDIA is reportedly forcing multiple OEMs to limit their offerings to the former, preventing AMD from penetrating the already one-sided mobile GPU market. This is a shame as the Radeon RX 6000M GPUs seem to be highly competitive products, and as always, more competition is ultimately better for the end consumer.

Note: At the time of writing, we haven’t been able to confirm which partners are being coerced into this exclusivity sort of deal. We’ll update the story when we learn more.


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