NVIDIA Gains dGPU Market Share, AMD Scores in iGPU and APU Segement

NVIDIA had a strong Q2 as reflected in its earnings report, increasing its dGPU market share to 80%, up from 75% in Q1. Meanwhile, AMD dropped from 25% to 20% in the same quarter as demand for the 1st Gen Navi GPUs reamined lean.

AMD’s integrated Vega GPUs seem to be faring much better. Paired with the 7nm Zen 2 cores in the Renoir APUs, the company’s share in the overall PC GPU market increased from 16% to 19%. The gains from the integrated graphics parts were not only able to offset the loss in dGPU space, but also turn it into an overall market share increase of 3%, with NVIDIA gaining just 1% in the same segment.

This just goes on to show how that integrated graphics solutions are still quite popular among the masses, with AMD being at the forefront with its enhanced 7nm Vega GPU cores. It’s no wonder that Intel is pushing for graphics with Tiger Lake. It’ll be interesting to see if it helps halt AMD’s momentum in the on-board graphics segment.


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