NVIDIA Expected to Capture 75% of the AI GPU Market by 2027, AMD Only 5%

NVIDIA is poised to establish its dominance over the AI market. Be it gaming, data centers, or simulation, the companies A100 and H100 accelerators offer unparalleled training times. As the AI data center market expands, Team Green is expected to rack in more and more revenue. According to Mizuho analyst Vijay Rakesh, NVIDIA’s dominant position in AI could steer it to new heights till at least 2027.

As per the report, NVIDIA’s stock price still has 25% room to rise, which is also a conservative estimate. It’s worth noting that the Green Stock has risen by over 140% in the last six months. Starting at under $200, the share price has risen to nearly $470 at the time of writing.

Rakesh believes that as the demand for generative AI grows, the chipmakers providing the underlying hardware for these complex training models will see a massive uplift in revenue, starting with NVIDIA. The company is expected to capture 75% of the AI data center market by 2027, generating over $3000 billion in revenue.

Rivals like AMD are expected to gain momentum, but not enough to challenge NVIDIA’s supremacy in the industry. As per Mizuho, AMD’s AI data market share is predicted to grow up to 5% by 2025.

Via: Fast Technology.


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