NVIDIA DLSS 3 with Frame Generation Coming to Starfield Next Week, FSR 3 at a Later Date

Bethesda will add DLSS 3, including Frame Generation to Starfield, with the next Steam Beta update in the coming week. It’ll also add HDR customization on supported devices, among other optimizations. This is a much-welcome update, something that should have been included at launch. Luckily for PC gamers, there are multiple DLSS 3 mods (including a free one) that integrate Frame Generation into Starfield.

Whatever the case, you can’t compare an officially integrated feature to one added externally using the same inputs as FSR 2. Interestingly, Bethesda is adding DLSS 3 ahead of FSR 3, as indicated in the above comment. The developer will add support for the latest iteration of FSR in a future update, for which a date hasn’t been specified. The best part about the third iteration of these upscalers is that not only do they eliminate GPU, but CPU bottlenecks as well.

The DLSS 3 “Frame Generation” update will be introduced as a beta next week. To leverage the upscaler, you’ll need to opt into the beta versions of the game from the properties menu.


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