NVIDIA DLSS 2.2 Source Code Leaked by Hackers

The recent mega-hack of NVIDIA by a South American group seems to have been true, and the culprits have started releasing sensitive data and IP in chunks over torrent sites. The most familiar bit includes the source code of DLSS, the chipmaker’s proprietary upscaler that combines AI-based upsampling with a temporal filter. The directory includes a list of C++ files, headers, registry entries, and batch files. Considering the presence of the DLSS Programming Guide (which was already public), and the various legacy and experimental nvsdk_ngx_dlss files, this is probably the real deal.

Via: TPU

It’s worth noting that the source files include revisions up to DLSS 2.2, making it super relevant to prying eyes. The latest iterations of DLSS significantly improved the upscaling quality at lower presets, making even DLSS Performance look better than AMD’s FSR Ultra Quality.

In addition, it could allow the Linux driver community to bring DLSS to the open-source platform. At the same time, it might also enable AMD and Intel to get insider data on NVIDIA’s latest technologies which automatically entails that the chipmaker’s lawyers have their work cut out for them.


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