NVIDIA DLSS 2.2 SDK is Now Publicly Available, Allowing for Easier Game Integration

NVIDIA DLSS can now be integrated into game engines more easily, with the SDKs for the 2.2 version now publicly available on the company’s website. ( As I had originally predicted with the launch of DLSS 2.0 (back in March), it turns out that the upscaler does indeed use a sharpening filter, alongside an auto-exposure option that improves image quality in low-contrast scenes:

Added Sharpening Slider – Developers can now add a slider to adjust sharpness, enabling users to make the image sharper or softer based on their own personal preferences.
Added Support for Linux – Developers can now integrate DLSS in Linux games and applications.
Added Auto-Exposure Option – DLSS is able to automatically calculate exposure values. This feature can potentially improve the image quality of low-contrast scenes.

The Auto-Exposure feature is key to achieve optimal upscaling quality in some of the more complex games. This fine-grained control over the image sharpness and exposure threshold should allow developers to improve the quality of upscaling in future titles. It’s likely that in the past, this process was more complicated and limited in terms of customization.

This announcement is likely a direct response to the growing popularity of AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution technology (also publicly available). Although notably inferior to DLSS, especially in motion, it’s extremely easy to implement and completely open. You can download the Unreal/Unity plugin and the SDK files for any other custom engine from the following link:

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