NVIDIA Cuts Production of RTX 2060 in Half to Make Room for RTX 30 Series SKUs

According to reports from Chinese media, NVIDIA has started cutting the production of the GeForce RTX 2060, the most popular RTX product from the chipmaker on the market. This has been done to make room for the newer RTX 30 series “Ampere” GPUs which have been in short supply since launch late last year. NVIDIA has issued an internal notice requesting adjustments to the supply of the TU106-200 dies which power the RTX 2060-class GPUs.

The source claims that the supply of the RTX 2060 which is found across a slew of gaming laptops and pre-built PCs will be cut in half starting from June, and at the same time, shipments of major board partners will also be reduced quite significantly. The production capacity freed up will be transferred to the newer “Ampere” RTX 30 series SKU.

However, considering that the two lineups are fabbed on different nodes by different foundries, this report doesn’t make a lot of sense. While the RTX 20 series “Turing” GPUs were fabbed on TSMC’s 12nm node, the 30 series “Ampere” parts are fabbed on Samsung’s 8nm LPP node. It’s possible that NVIDIA is buying 10nm/8nm capacity at TSMC to increase the production of its newer GPUs as it has done in the past, but we’ve seen no indication of this till now.

Either way, it’s being reported that the production and therefore, supply of the RTX 30 series graphics cards will see a considerable increase in the coming months, with prices also expected to improve.

Source: ITH


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