NVIDIA Continues its Market Dominance in the Asian Market: Nearly 90% Share, Pushing AMD Under 15%

NVIDIA continues to be the dominant force in the discrete GPU market across the Asian continent. Going by the figures shared by Korean store “Dawana” (via: @haruzake), NVIDIA presently presides over a massive 88% of the market, leaving AMD with just 12%.

You may argue that this only represents the Korean market, but we’ve seen similar reports come out of China, Japan, and India. The GeForce RTX 3060 was, unsurprisingly the most popular GPU with a market share of 21%.

According to Steam’s statistics, NVIDIA holds a market share of 75.4% while AMD clings to just 15%.

JPR figures paint a similar picture, distributing 78% of the discrete GPU market to NVIDIA, 17% to AMD, and the remaining 4% to Intel’s newly introduced Arc lineup.


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