NVIDIA Allegedly Launching an RTX 4090 Mobile Next Year, Based on the RTX 4080 Desktop [Report]

NVIDIA is planning to launch an RTX 4090 for the notebook market next year. Based on the AD103 die, this mobile flagship should be slightly slower than the desktop variant of the RTX 4080 (but faster than the RTX 4070). The RTX 4090 mobile is codenamed GN21-X11, GN21-X9 for the RTX 4080 Ti mobile, and GN21-X6 for the RTX 4070 mobile. Similarly, the X4 and X2 will be internally known as the RTX 4060 Ti and 4060, respectively.

The RTX 4080 Ti mobile leverage the AD104 core, the same GPU set to power the RTX 4070 DT, and AD106 for the RTX 4070 mobile, the same as the RTX 4060 DT.

The max TGP of these dies is as follows:

  • AD103(M): 175W
  • AD104(M): 175W
  • AD106(M): 140W

Keep in mind that these are the upper limits of these SKUs, and the notebooks featuring them will have a notably lower power envelope.


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