NVIDIA Allegedly Cuts Budget on Day 1 Drivers for Games Like Starfield in Favor of AI Hiring: Poor GPU Perf Due to Lower Funding?

Starfield is out in Early Access, and gamers are all over Bethesda’s latest open-world RPG. Unlike Skyrim and Fallout 4, Starfield is an AMD partner title with FSR 2.2 integrated at day 0. Many people blame Team Red for the poor performance of GeForce RTX hardware, which is a cause for concern. Another narrative has popped up. Moore’s Law is Dead believes that budget cuts and reductions in funding are responsible for the lack of Day 0 optimizations in Starfield.

As per sources close to the YouTuber, NVIDIA has been gradually reducing its budget for gaming software teams in favor of Data Center and AI-related hiring. Consequently, the number of day 0 driver releases has dropped, leading to Starfield-like scenarios. This isn’t surprising with the kind of attention AI and GPGPUs are getting.

Internally, NVIDIA’s Gaming Software Team is disappointed with the performance of GeForce RTX cards in Starfield and is allegedly holding a meeting to address it. We might see a launch driver soon or some sort of “AMD blocked GeForce driver optimization” narrative, which would be quite petty. He further claims that developers are getting wary of such partnerships and will likely decline either team.



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