NVIDIA Admits it Accidentally Released Beat Driver W/o Mining Block

NVIDIA released a developer driver the other day without the Ether mining block, much to the amusement of mainstream media and enthusiasts. All you had to do was download the said driver (developer driver v470.05 for Windows or Linux), and do a clean install, and viola, you could start mining Ether at close to 50 MH/s on nearly every RTX 3060. Of course, the driver has now been taken down, but the damage is already done. The beta driver has already been downloaded by hundreds, if not thousands of users, as well as reuploaded at multiple hosting sites. Basically, the anti-miner measure for the RTX 3060 is obsolete at this point:


All NVIDIA had to say in this regard is the following:

The developer graphics drivers inadvertently included code used for internal development that removes the hash rate limiter on the GeForce RTX 3060 in some configurations.

The driver has been removed


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