NVIDIA Ada Lovelace uArch for Gaming; Hopper, and Blackwell for Data Centers [Rumor]

A bunch of pictures shared by Videocardz indicates that NVIDIA’s next-gen gaming architecture will be called Ada Lovelace, and the data center designs will be codenamed, Hopper and Blackwell. The data indicate that Ada will consist of six dies, namely AD102, AD103, AD104, AD106, AD107, and AD10B. Each of these will succeed their GA10x “Ampere” predecessors, with the AD10B replacing the GA108. As per tipsters and leaks, the AD102 die will feature up to 18,432 cores, and the AD103/AD104 die getting roughly 12,000 cores.

The info also suggests that Hopper will consist of two names: GH100, and GH202. Well-known tipster “Kopite7kimi” already mentioned both in his tweets last year, predicting that the latter might be a gaming GPU. However, nothing as such is mentioned in the leak. Blackwell will also reportedly feature two dies, GB102, and GB100.


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