Notebooks Accounted for 30% of Intel’s Q2 2020 Revenue ($5,844B), Desktops for 12% or $2,368B

The notebook PC market is easily one of the primary markets for Intel, accounting for around 30% of the company’s total revenue in Q2 2020. Knowing that, it’s no surprise that the 10nm process first debuted on 15W notebook platform and upcoming Tiger Lake CPUs will also get the same treatment later this summer.

Intel’s Client Computing Group (CCG) is primarily formed of the desktop and notebook platform. And lately, it’s the latter that has brought in the lion’s share of the revenue for the company. In Q2 2020, the desktop sales were down by $399 million YoY while in contrast, the notebook revenue was up by $718, essentially offsetting the former.

It’s also important to note that the notebook segment pulls in nearly thrice as much revenue compared to the desktop platform (per quarter). These sales include the DIY as well as the OEM products.


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