Nintendo Switch Successor may be Powered by Samsung SoC w/ AMD RDNA Graphics

In line with earlier rumors, it seems that Nintendo is all set to ditch NVIDIA for the next-gen Switch console. As per sources, the Japanese console maker will leverage Samsung’s Exynos chips powered by AMD’s RDNA 2 graphics for its Nintendo Switch 2 console. Samsung will reportedly design exclusive SoCs for Nintendo optimized for gaming as well as always-on power consumption.

This means we’re likely to see a big.LITTLE design with a blend of high-performance and low power consumption cores paired with an RDNA 2 GPU. The reason for this shift is two-fold. Samsung likely offered a much more attractive deal compared to NVIDIA. Team Green is known to push too hard in terms of the revenue share which led to both MS and Sony shifting to AMD chips.

Secondly, NVIDIA’s Tegra lineup is quite outdated. The X1 featured in the Switch is based on the 5-year-old Maxwell architecture and we’re yet to see a successor. The same can be said for NVIDIA’s CPU designs. The Denver architecture was the last design to see appreciable adoption. Both Denver 2 and Carmel were largely ignored by OEMs. Samsung already has ample experience with ARM chips, and RDNA might just provide the competitive edge needed to replace NVIDIA’s Tegra SoCs.


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