Newegg Sells NVIDIA RTX 3080 w/ ASUS Strix Z590 for $1,179 via Lucky Draw Event

Newegg has decided to sell the few units of high-end graphics cards in stock via lucky draws. The outlet is bundling multiple components at rather agreeable prices and selling them through the “Newegg Shuffle” event wherein the community is notified of the event beforehand.

During the limited time window of the shuffle, buyers are supposed to choose a set of products that are either unavailable otherwise or going for much higher prices. The system then randomly chooses the winner who can then buy the hardware at the combo price within the buying window or the offer will be passed onto someone else.

The most attractive deal from this raffle was the ASUS ROG Strix RTX 3080- Z490-F combo which individually costs $320 for the motherboard and $949 (inflated price) for the 3080. With this combo, you’re basically saving close to $100.


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