New Intel Blockscale Technology for Energy-Efficient Blockchain Hashing

Intel today unveiled its new Blockscale machines with a hash rate of up to 580 GH/s. The first customers to get the ASICs will be Argo Blockchain, Block Inc., Hive Blockchain Technologies, and GRIID Infrastructure.

Momentum around blockchain continues to build. It is the enabler of decentralized and distributed computing, making way for innovative business models. To power this new era of computing, Intel is delivering solutions that can offer an optimal balance of hashing throughput and energy efficiency regardless of a customer’s operating environment. Intel’s decades of R&D in cryptography, hashing techniques and ultra-low voltage circuits make it possible for blockchain applications to scale their computing power without compromising on sustainability.

Balaji Kanigicherla, Intel VP

The growing demand for blockchains utilizing proof-of-work consensus mechanisms requires an enormous amount of energy, necessitating new computing technologies that can provide the requisite power in a more energy-efficient manner. For proof-of-work algorithms that are compatible with ASIC-based systems and SHA-256 hashing, the Intel Blockscale ASIC will provide the energy efficiency and computing power needed to achieve scalability and sustainability. And given the nature of the silicon powering this technology, Intel will be able to supply it in volume without compromising the supply of new CPUs or GPUs. 

Key features for the Intel Blockscale ASIC include:

  • Dedicated Secure Hash Algorithm-256 (SHA-256) ASIC processor.
  • Up to 580 GH/s hash rate operating and up to 26 J/TH power efficiency.
  • On-chip temperature- and voltage-sensing capabilities.
  • Support for up to 256 integrated circuits per chain.
  • Reference hardware design and software stack to jump-start customers system development.

Shipments of Intel Blockscale ASIC to customers will begin in the third quarter of 2022. In 2023 and beyond, Intel will be working with and supplying prospective customers who share the company’s sustainability goals.

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