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Netac Announces Development of 10GHz DDR5 Memory Modules

We’re slowly entering the age of DDR5 memory which is expected to start with the launch of AMD’s Zen 4 and Intel’s Alder Lake-S CPUs later this year. As per JEDEC specifications, the standard range for DDR5 memory will be 3200-4800 MT/s, with estimates stating that many high-end modules will be able to push 8400 MT/s. Similar to DDR4, the first couple of years, we’re bound to see slower implementations ranging between 4000-5000MT/s

However, like 4000MT/s is the enthusiast territory for DRR4, DDR5 will see many vendors touching the 10000MT/s mark, with 8400MT/s being the norm. One memory maker, Netac has started the research and development of its DDR5 modules and is aiming for the 10GHz mark.

Netac is using Micron’s DDR5 memory chips (IC number Z9ZSB), and as per the company, the engineering samples are running in a 2Gbx8 (2GB) configuration with a standard frequency of 4800MT/s and timing of 40-40-40. These memory chips are manufactured on the 1znm process and use the FBGA 82-ball package.

It’s unclear when we’ll be seeing 10GHz modules considering that it’ll take a while for the new standard to become mainstream, but we can expect it by late 2022 or early 2023.


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