Mystery AMD Radeon GPU Surfaces, Beats NVIDIA’s RTX 2080 Ti in VR Benchmark: Big Navi?

Gather around kids. There’s some terrific news. A mystery AMD GPU has surfaced on the OpenVR benchmark that seemingly beats NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 2080 Ti (What?!). You heard right. There is an unnamed Radeon GPU out there that kicks NVIDIA’s Turing flagship to the curb.

This *could* be just an error, but the OpenVR Benchmark database isn’t exactly known for fabricated benchmarks. After AMD’s CES keynote, company CEO, Dr. Lisa Su did say that Big Navi is indeed coming this year with ray-tracing support. This could be it!

The benchmark was run at 1512 x 1680 (this is VR!) and the rumored Big Navi scores 103 FPS while the mighty RTX 2080 Ti lags behind with just 88 FPS. That’s an impressive ~20% advantage over the fastest GPU on the planet. If this is indeed true and Navi 21 launches for a price of around $700-800, then NVIDIA will have no choice but…well, probably launch an RTX 2080 Ti Super for the same price.

Navi 21 or Big Navi will be based on the 2nd Gen RDNA architecture and will include support for ray-tracing. We expect the GPU to pack 64 CUs (4096 shaders) and a wide 384-bit bus paired with 14Gbps of GDDR6 memory. It will go head to head against NVIDIA’s Turing flagship, the RTX 2080 Ti which costs an insane $1,200 despite being just 10-15% faster than the $699 RTX 2080 Super.

The 2nd Gen RDNA design will ditch the last vestiges of the GCN architecture and will also power the next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

AMD has already confirmed that RDNA 2 will launch in 2020 with ray-tracing support and this is the first leak pertaining to the next-gen Radeon GPUs.

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