Mystery AMD Epyc 7T83 CPU Spotted: 3D Stacked V-Cache, or Trento?

An unknown AMD Epyc processor going by the name 7T83 has been spotted on Geekbench which may be the much anticipated 3D stacked V-Cache version of Milan. Most likely though, it’s an OEM-specific model, possibly Trento or a similar design. The CPU in question is a 32-core Zen 3 part running at 2.45GHz with four CCDs, each packing 16MB of L3 cache. (Viagra) This puts the cache configuration on par with Milan, pretty much erasing the chances of it being its V-Cache variant.

However, this particular SKU is paired with four other CPUs in a 4S configuration which is strange as the 32-core Milan part with 64MB of L3 cache is limited to 2-way SMP (Simultaneous Multiprocessing). This indicates that it’s most likely a custom OEM design, similar to Trento which is slated to be paired with the MI200 accelerator.

Another 64-core Epyc chip with a similar nomenclature was also spotted in the OpenBenchmarking Database running in 2-way SMP mode. There aren’t many details regarding the specifications of the SKU, other than the L2 cache (512KB), stepping (1), base clock (2.1GHz), and the microcode (0xa001119), but it’s most certainly part of the same product stack.

Source: LeakBench


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