Must-have Tech Gadgets in 2021

You can have nearly anything you desire these days (funds permitting). Most things are available immediately, just click a button, tap a screen, or activate the voice command. While certain items may appear to be unnecessary (we’re looking at you, disposable power banks), others can truly make your life easier.

We combed the internet for some of our favorite electronic gadgets and innovative technology that is well worth the investment to put you ahead of the game and give you a head start on what’s what. So let’s start with something easy and progress to more intricate matters by tidying up all those loose charging cables that clutter up your home.

Wireless Charging Pad

If like me, you hate loads of loose wires hanging out of sockets around your house or you live with a teenager who is forever losing the USB connectors, the wireless charging pad seems like the ideal solution.

Never be on zero again. Throw your device on the pad and get online within a few minutes. No matter what you’re doing, playing chess, or spending your downtime at an online casino, a wireless charging pad is an answer to your power problems and it looks good while doing its job – happy days.

Smart keys

The future is now! Even as we speak, new technology and breakthroughs are making our lives more accessible than ever before. Smart keys are one such advancement that has come about due to significant technological innovations like Apple Pay.

The use of intelligent keys for new vehicles is becoming increasingly popular. Not only do they let us lock or unlock cars with just one touch (saving time!), but they also retain information from gadgets people use every day on their phones.

Your smart key will remember where your car is parked or whether your parking ticket is about to run out. The key can even tell you if you are low on petrol or your vehicle needs a service – and it’s space-saving, no more expensive keychain collections cluttering up the place.

Who knew designers would use the tech for Apple Pay to design intelligent keys for cars? It sounds odd, but it’s true.

In today’s world, there’s a never-ending stream of innovations coming out seemingly overnight, changing the way we live.

Technology is not just about gadgets. It’s really about getting stuff done, and forward-thinking tech companies are finding ways to democratize IT, finding new and ingenious ways to empower people to create new ways to work and live without depending on others.

But what does this mean to you and me in the real world?

Democratized technology makes it easy to optimize your work, fix pain points on the go and create custom dashboards for groups to solve problems and learn simultaneously.

Whether you’re an individual or business owner, using smart tech teaches and informs people who would otherwise have to outsource skills leading to less productivity in the wait times. Taking advantage of tech generally means streamlining, and this is where BYOD is a winner.

BYOD means less kit

The “bring your own device” (BYOD) movement has given employees a better work experience. Today’s companies are implementing new policies and tech to support flexibility.

The early days of (BYOD) were tricky for employers when they had no way to mitigate against vulnerabilities on personal technology devices because these gadgets weren’t secured enough. Security is no longer a problem. Think about how many different types of tablets/phones exist, but innovative applications and upgraded tech mean firms can allow employees more freedom to work from anywhere.

Digital nomadism has long been a fantasy for some people. With a combination of (BYOD) and intelligent multi-party sharing systems, it will soon be possible to work from anywhere – technology makes what we thought was impossible just five years ago possible.

Smart tech for the home

There’s an app for everything, turn lights on without flicking a switch, put your heating on and close your blinds before you get off the train. Smart tech can streamline life for busy people, and while it can’t make dinner for you, it can order your food shop.

Smart fridges detect when you’re low on butter or milk and add it to your digital shopping list. You can then instruct Alexa or Siri to place your order with your preferred grocer, and before you know it, going to the supermarket will be a thing of the past.

Technology and high-tech gadgets make progress exciting. While you might find these ideas exciting or terrifying, it’s no different than the invention of aircraft, back at the turn of the century when air travel was considered impossible and a fad, how wrong the naysayers were, proving the impossible is always possible eventually.

The metaverse has landed

Facebook has launched its new initiative called metaverse, except it’s not that new. The term was first coined by Facebook back in 2014, with an example being one who watches a concert video but then jumps right into the metaverse when given a chance!

The metaverse is a virtual world where people can meet, play and work virtually. People enter this online extravaganza using VR headsets to experience it as if they were really there for themselves, or others at their own pace on the device of choice – phone or tablet and even eventually 3D glasses that look like regular eyewear.

Fairly soon, you won’t need to leave your home (ever) – is this a good thing, or is the metaverse a universe too far for most of us? While we can all agree that smart tech is the way forward, digitizing our entire lives sounds like a sad and lonely existence and not what Mark Zuckerberg intended back in 2004.

Back then, Facebook’s intended purpose was to connect lives and share real-life experiences and not turn our homes and those in them into inmates at a self-inflicted incarceration facility (let’s hope not for everyone’s sake).

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