MSI Caught Scalping its Own RTX 3080s on eBay for 2x the MSRP

The Ampere launch has been rough for both consumers as well as NVIDIA’s board partners. Limited supply, yields, scalpers and BIOS/firmware issues, etc have all dominated tech websites in the last month or so. However, today’s report is a bit too damning. Thanks to a Reddit user, it was discovered that one of MSI’s subsidiaries was scalping the RTX 3080 for twice the MSRP over at eBay:


Although the listings have now been taken down and MSI has officially responded via their Twitter account, this is a pretty sad sight:


As per MSI, the accused partner, Starlit is a sales subsidiary responsible for excess inventory and refurbished products. However, the GeForce RTX 3080s being sold are from neither category. MSI’s defense is that Starlit had access to these graphics cards due to an “error”.

Furthermore, the people who bought these products from eBay will return the product and get a full refund or keep the card and receive a partial refund in line with MSI’s original pricing.


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