MSI Brings SAM Support for both NV & AMD GPUs on Intel and AMD’s 400 Series Boards

MSI has announced that its officially bringing SAM (Re-Sizable BAR) support for both AMD Radeon RX 6000 and NVIDIA RTX 30 series GPUs on Intel’s 400 series boards by the end of January. Likewise, the same is expected on AMD’s 400 and 500 series boards in the early months of 2021. Beta BIOSes for both platforms are already available to download from the respective product pages.


Although ASRock has already released an unofficial BIOS update for the 300 and 400 AMD chipsets, bringing Zen 3 support to the oldest post-Bulldozer motherboards, there’s no word on whether there will be an official release (we don’t expect it). The same goes for SAM support on the older 400 series boards. While many OEMs including ASUS and ASRock have managed to enable Re-Sizable BAR or SAM on AMD and Intel’s 400 series boards, they haven’t laid a proper roadmap, or mentioned any plans for an official BIOS update with the same features.


Considering the momentum Re-Sizable BAR has received since it was popularized as “SAM” by AMD with the Big Navi launch, we expect it to become a mainstream feature in the coming months with both AMD’s and Intel’s latest offerings. NVIDIA has already announced that it’s working to implement it on their RTX 30 series GPUs.


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