More and More Linux Gamers are Ditching NVIDIA and Intel for AMD Hardware

Linux gamers are gradually moving away from Intel-NVIDIA platforms to all-AMD systems. This change has been occurring on both the CPU and GPU side, slowly, but steadily. According to Steam Data compiled by Boiling Steam, AMD’s CPU share among gamers has nearly doubled over the last two years.

Back in early 2019, only around 30% of users owned AMD CPUs, but by the end of December 2020, that figure had ballooned up to 51%.

We can see similar but less drastic changes on the GPU side. In the last quarter of 2018, approximately 25% of Linux gamers on Steam relied on AMD graphics cards while the remaining 75% used NVIDIA hardware. Fast forward to 2021, and now 34-35% of them are using Radeon GPUs, an increase of 40% for Team Red.

Looking at the overall hardware configurations, the number of Intel-NVIDIA systems has fallen by 13% over the last couple of years. AMD CPUs paired with NVIDIA GPU have largely remained the same, but the percentage of all-AMD systems has gone up from 19% in late 208 to 32%, in late 2020, a gain of 65-70%.



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