Modder Brings Ray-Tracing to Battlefield 1: RTGI, Ambient Occlusion, And More

EA is expected to announce Battlefield 6 in the coming weeks. However, if you’re still playing the older titles, then we might have something for you. A modder going by the name of Giulio Maria Guglielmi (Massihancer) has implemented ray-tracing in Battlefield 6 using McFly’s Path Traced Global Illumination (PTGI) shader for ReShade. We’ve already covered the basics of how this works in the above-linked article. In short, it improves the lighting, especially the diffuse (indirect lighting) of the game which can have a drastic impact on image quality in dimly-lit areas.

As you can see in the above image, the mod improves the ambient shadows and lighting by leaps and bounds, while also implementing an increased level of tessellation, depth, and color shading. The reflections get an upgrade and the tone map shader gives the game a more HDR friendly look even if you have an SDR monitor.

While the global illumination is implemented using path-tracing, the other effects are the result of custom ReShade shaders. As per the author, all these will become publicly available for free once he completes the project.


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