Miners Start Selling Used Graphics Cards w/ Nude Teenage Models for Promotion

The cryptomining boom and its subsequent decline have resulted in a lot of bizarre episodes. More recently, as crackdowns on mining farms have intensified in China, miners have started getting rid of their gear, some in rather unorthodox ways. Some enterprising sellers have started using lightly clad (and in some cases nude) teenage girls to promote their used equipment.

The marketing pitch here is reminiscent of launch and promotion events held in China and Taiwan where similar approaches are often used. However, in this case, you’re being sold used products, possibly even damaged ones in some cases with the premise being that were used by (female) college student. As ridiculous as this sounds, there are actually people who fall for these scams.

If it didn’t work, then OEMs and these ethically challenged miners wouldn’t have employed such tactics in the first place. The prices themselves are quite appealing. Add to that some dirty tricks courtesy of well-versed marketing agencies and you’ve got a winner. I won’t go into detail regarding why these so-called college students are selling their used hardware, but let’s just say it includes break-ups, getting your partner to stop gaming and the like. It’s ridiculous, which is why I just had to share it.



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