Microsoft Stops Windows 11 22H2 Automatic Updates because of Gaming Performance Issues

The launch of Windows 11 was plagued by all kinds of issues, including but not limited to performance, compatibility, hardware utilization, and even resource detection. I myself have experienced plenty of them. Reduction in gaming performance and detection of certain hardware make it top of the list. The 22H2 update is the first major update to Microsoft’s new operating system, and instead of making things better, it’s doing quite the opposite.

Users have complained of frame rate drops in games, driver issues with NVIDIA GPUs, and some programs stopped working altogether. The chipmaker has released multiple driver updates to fix some of these issues, but many configurations are still affected.

Microsoft has officially confirmed the existence of these issues and states that software glitches cause GPU-dependent applications, especially games, to trigger debugging features, resulting in large performance drops. Consequently, MS has decided to pause automatic updates on the OS, preventing the upgrade to 22H2 unless specifically initiated.

In the meantime, users are discouraged from using the media creation tool or manually updating their operating system. Last, all important games, drivers, and firmware should be updated to the latest stable versions. Microsoft has assured consumers of a fix, but there’s no ETA at the time of writing.

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