Microsoft announced new 2020 Surface Go 2 with 8th Generation Core M Processors

Microsoft recently announced the Surface Go 2, a successor to its 2018 entry-level Surface Go productivity tablet. The Surface Go 2 is set to feature the same chassis and display as the original Surface Go, including a 10-inch PixelSense Display. What’s changed, however, are the internals. The new Surface Go will feature 8th generation Core M processors, delivering as much as 64 percent higher performance than the older Surface Go models.

Pentium Gold4GB64GB
Pentium Gold8GB128GB
Core m34GB64GB
Core m38GB128GB
Core m38GB128GBLTE
Core m38GB256GBLTE

While these chips are two generations old, it’s important to remember that Intel’s pretty much been sitting on its hands with Skylake refreshes: architecturally, they’re not that different from the latest parts out there, barring weaker GPUs. As of now the only 8th-gen Core M product in Intel’s product stack is the dual-core Core m3 8100Y, a 5-8W part that can boost up to 3.4 GHz and features an Intel HD 615 GPU. This should be enough to get basic productivity and even some gaming done in a pinch. At a US399 starting price, this looks to be a great bargain for freelancers or students on the go.


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