Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition on PC Won’t Support AMD Super Resolution Upscaling Tech

AMD will be facing an uphill battle in trying to get the gaming industry to adopt its upcoming Super Resolution upscaling technology. Ahead of its release, the developers of Metro Exodus (Enhanced Edition) have announced that they won’t be integrating AMD’s SR algorithm anytime in the future. This isn’t surprising considering that the game is an NVIDIA partner title and already supports DLSS 2.0.

Furthermore, the Enhanced Edition which requires a GPU with hardware-level ray-tracing support seems to favor NVIDIA hardware due to the intensive ray-tracing implementation. While a GeForce RTX 3080 is required for the ultra quality preset at 4K 30 FPS, from AMD’s end you’ll need the Radeon RX 6900 XT, and this is without utilizing DLSS. Enabling DLSS should give NVIDIA users another big advantage. However, the game does come with 4A’s own in-house temporal upscaling technology which they claim “provides the same or better image quality for all hardware”.

The Enhanced Edition of Metro Exodus is going to support a wide range of ray-tracing techniques on PC including Global illumination, Reflection, lighting, shadows as well as Variable Rate Shading and Mixed Precision Compute for better performance. The console versions will lack advanced reflections which are the most intensive along with DLSS 2.0

The game is set to launch on the 6th of May, and will be a standalone title. However, owners of the original game will be getting a free upgrade on the same platform.


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