Meet Seagate Mach.2 Hard Drives: 2x Faster than Regular HDDs

Most people would write hard drives off. In a world where SSDs are becoming more and more affordable with TLC and QLC NAND, you’d rather buy pay slightly more and get a much faster and less bulky storage device. Not just yet though. It seems that magnetic storage has still some life left in it. Seagate claims to have perfected its Mach.2 technology which essentially doubles the IOPS (Input/Output Operations per sec).

But what is Mach.2? Let’s side-track a bit. All hard drives contain numerous disks or platters which store all your data. The info is read from the disks as they spin using the actuator and the read/write heads connected to it.

With Mach.2, instead of one actuator, multiple are used which work in tandem reading/writing data to and from the HDD. According to Seagate, adding an extra actuator boosts the drive performance by 2x.

This isn’t a new technology. Seagate and rival storage makers have been playing around with similar technologies but it was never economically viable: too high production costs, inadequate performance and so on…until now.

If what Seagate claims is indeed true, then HDDs might just make a comeback, albeit a brief one. Furthermore, these drives aren’t as bulky as your traditional HDDs. Have a look:

Areej Syed

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