Mark Papermaster Praises AMD’s Indian Engineers for Key Role in Renoir Design

According to a Times of India report, AMD’s Mark Papermaster stated that Team Reds processor design centres in Bangalore and Hyderabad “played a central role” in designing Renoir, one of the most competitive mobile APU lineups AMD has ever introduced.

The Vice President of industry body NASSCOM also lavished praise on the AMD India team, saying that “The AMD kind of capability and capacity in India is the highest…chip design is just one element of it.” AMD has been in India for over 15 years, which means plenty of time for the transfer of skills and experience.

The key role India engineers played in building Renoir comes into focus at a time when Chinese semiconductor designs from the likes of Zhaoxin have made major inroads in the x86 space. With greater global tensions and diplomatic issues between India and China, in particular, domestic IC design capabilities and the possibility of technology transfer become more and more relevant. It’ll be interesting to see what AMD Hyderabad and Bangalore do next. More importantly, it’ll be important to see if skill, experience, and technology transfer translate into meaningful gains for India’s nascent semiconductor industry.



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