Major changes in the Dragonflight update for World of Warcraft

Newcomers and players who come to the servers of Azeroth after November 2022 will see that World of Warcraft has received another major update and has changed significantly.

Major changes

  • Pumping
  • New race
  • New territories
  • Changing the profession system


Starting with the Dragonflight update, the final level required to move on to the final content for the update has changed dramatically.

If earlier the final level for the Shadowlands update was level 60, now the value has increased to 70.

Starting from level 60, players will be able to go to new locations – the Dragon Islands, to study the game history of the continents, get to know each island and help the local NPCs and gradually meet each of the four types of Dragons.

You can level up to level 60 through the system of quests and tasks, simply by killing monsters in locations for old updates, passing difficult raids in which experience is shared among all participants, or by ordering a leveling service in the World of Warcraft on the Skycoach website.

New race

The new race is a mixture of people and dragons named Draktir and settled in new, previously unexplored territories of the Dragon Islands.

Representatives of the Draktir race are not tied to a specific faction and can be chosen by both Horde and the Alliance representatives.

Draktir can be a spell class and can learn offensive or defensive magic.

An attacking Draktir will use fire as its main attack element and deal damage from a long distance.

Protective Draktir will use healing magic to restore health to allies and himself in combat and raids.

The Draktyrs start in a hidden area in the mountains, where they receive their first training in basic game mechanics and go to the open world after reaching level 10.

The class has increased mobility due to synergy with the essence of the dragon and improved observation, which will help in mastering professions and searching for rare materials.

New Territories

All players who have reached level 60 will have the right to sail to the Dragon Isles.

All faction representatives will sail on the same ships together, without the possibility of battles on the deck, which will turn the transport into a kind of tavern where players can communicate with each other before arriving at their destination.

All players who have just started to master the new update will have to go through the storyline in the form of exploring each of the four islands and helping the NPCs on each of them in their missions. This condition only works for the first character that starts in the Dragonflight update and is needed to master new content for all players.

Each island corresponds to its own kind of dragon – Fire, Ice, Wind and Earth.

After completing one island, you can go to the next until you reach the capital of the island, made in the style of each of the four types of dragons.

You are not just obliged to go through each of the four islands because, in the future, you will be able to choose your dragon and tame it.

A tamed pet will train with you, get the opportunity to customize, and learn the skills of aerobatics.

A developed rider skill will help you stay in the saddle stronger, even with massive attacks from flying opponents. The dragon will open the possibility of open, unscripted, free flight to any point of the game map, but it is important to have a pumped pet and developed flight skills.

Changing the profession system

Since the Dragonflight update, the profession system has undergone major changes in the direction of simplification for both artisans and ordinary players.

Now, any player with the necessary inscription will be able to create their own equipment by contacting a special NPC that will help automate the interaction between the player and the artisan.

You will need to specify the type of product, attach the necessary materials for crafting or indicate that the master uses resources from his stocks, set the desired minimum level of the master who can offer his services – this determines the probability of obtaining a masterpiece and the total amount for the work, regardless of the result.

For artisans of any level, the order table is a great opportunity to upgrade their profession by simply completing orders for other players and earning in-game gold at the same time. Important – be careful in crafting conditions so as not to get into a situation of using your resources if this has not been discussed in advance.

To upgrade professions for representatives of craft specialties, the interface for working with professions has been significantly redesigned and simplified.

Now the player sees a list of items that can be crafted, materials that are required for implementation, and where they can be obtained.

New values – characteristics.

Each profession has its own characteristics, but their tasks are the same – to increase the speed of work, the chance to create a masterpiece, the creation of items with minimal resources.


Each member of the profession now has the opportunity to get tools that will significantly expand the capabilities of the profession and enhance its characteristics.

Each specialist can create only a part of the items for himself – the rest will need to be bought or ordered through the order table from other artisans.

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