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LPDDR5 vs LPDDR5X Memory Differences: Up to 17GB/s of Bandwidth, 33% Faster

Micron and Samsung have both published the specifications of their next-gen LPDDR5 mobile memory. Compared to LPDDR5, we’re looking at a performance boost of 33%, and a voltage of 1.1v. While LPDDR5 tops out at a data rate of 6,400Mbps or 3,200MHz, LPDDR5X expands that figure to 8,533Mbps or 4,227MHz. The bus width remains the same 16-bit (two per DIMM), while the prefetch and length of 16 are also retained.

Via: AnandTech

The voltage stays dynamic, with a peak of 1.1v, and a Vddq of 0.6v. The banks have been increased to 16, unlike LPDDR5 which supported 8-16 banks per DIMM. The dual-channel architecture has been retained as well, allowing for two independent 16-bit channels per DIMM. Micron will be fabbing its LPDDR5X memory chip on its 1α, fourth-generation 10nm manufacturing technology. (Modafinil) MediaTek estimates that LPDDR5X can reach 60GB/s when paired with the Dimensity 9000 SoC. The memory itself can reach speeds close to 70GB/s with future revisions.


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