Listings of Fake 3D Printed NVIDIA RTX 3080 Replicas Surface on eBay

In a rather bizarre move, certain eBay users have started selling 3D printed replicas of the GeForce RTX 3080 for as much as $600. Although the seller has clearly mentioned in the description that the product is a “New 3D Printed Plastic Model of an NVIDIA RTX 3080 Founder’s Edition”, it’s quite easy to fall for this and pay the entire price of a flagship GPU for just a large, plastic paper-weight.

Of course, once you pay, you’re pretty much screwed as there are no returns or refunds despite the listing being something between a prank and a scam.

At the moment, supply for the higher-end Ampere graphics cards is extremely lean with OEMs getting less than 20 units a month. The few units that are available via retail cost twice as much as the MSRP. This situation is expected to continue for at least another quarter or so.

Via: PCMag


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