Linux gets support for Intel 11th Gen Rocket Lake Processors

Intel’s latest Compute Runtime version has brought support for the upcoming Rocket Lake processors to Linux. These chips will succeed the short-lived Comet Lake-S lineup with a new core architecture and Gen12 Xe graphics. Rocket Lake is expected to debut on the desktop platform in early 2021, a few months after AMD’s Zen 3 launch in October/Nov.

Other than that, Intel has also released a new version of their Compute Runtime which provides OpenCL and oneAPI Level Zero support for their integrated Gen 11 and Gen 12 graphics. There’s support included for DG1 as well but it’s disabled by default.

Intel’s DG1 dGPU is basically a discrete version of the top-end Gen12 iGPU with a larger L3 cache, higher clocks, a dedicated memory controller, and GDDR5/6 memory. It’ll primarily be paired with Intel’s Tiger Lake notebooks in the future, with present notebooks using third-party solutions from NVIDIA in addition to the iGPU.



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