Linux gets support for AMD Van Gogh: RDNA 2, DDR5, and AV1 Decode

Linux has just received a kernel patch for AMD’s upcoming Van Gogh APUs. Van Gogh is a strange product. On one hand, it’s going to leverage the Zen 2 cores on the CPU side, but the integrated graphics will be based on RDNA 2, plus the memory will support the newer DDR5/LPDDR5 standard. This was just confirmed by today’s Linux kernel patch.

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The Cezanne APUs, on the other hand, will leverage the Zen 3 cores, but stick to an enhanced version of the Vega graphics, along with DDR4/LPDDR4X memory. Furthermore, both these lineups are expected to debut in 2021 which really makes you wonder why AMD isn’t using the latest CPU and GPU designs for both of them.

In addition to this, the patch also confirms that Van Gogh will have VCN 3 support which means that it should be able to do AV1 decode, similar to NVIDIA’s newly launched Ampere graphics cards.


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