Lenovo Working on AMD Renoir PC Integrated into a 23″ Monitor

Lenovo has launched an AIO PC based on AMD’s Renoir mobile chips without the need for a bulky cabinet. That’s right: The motherboard and CPU are integrated into the monitor chassis:


You get a Ryzen 5 4600U (15W) featuring six cores and twelve threads paired with the 16GB of main memory and a 512GB SSD. The monitor itself is a 24″ IPS panel covering 100% of the sRGB color gamut.

Even more impressive is the efficiency of the Renoir part. The thermal solution consists of a single heat pipe which isn’t all that surprising considering that the same chip was tested in the past without a heatsink.

On the back, the PC has three USB ports, one Ethernet port and a Display Port. There’s no word regarding the price and availability of this PC, but considering the form factor and specs, it’s sure to interest a lot of people.


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