Lenovo Announces “Smallest Ever” Desktop Powered by AMD Processors: NUC Killer?

Today, Lenovo announced what it described as its smallest ever Thinkcentre small form factor (SFF) desktop. The Thinkcentre M75n and Thinkcentre M75n Nano are two very small AMD Athlon-powered desktops.

The pair of SFF PCs appears to offer business users a low-profile alternative to regular prebuilt, with the advantage of added portability. The Thinkcentre M75n Nano, in particular, is suited to IoT and edge computing functions, with support for multiple operating systems and driver support for legacy OSs.

The workstation-oriented Thinkcentre 75n costs a bit more at US$539 and features USB type C and multiple display outputs. Lenovo pictured the 505-gram SFF powering a pair of monitors that towered over it. Lenovo has yet to state the exact hardware configurations for these devices. As they’re “Athlon-powered,” we’re expecting Zen 2 in dual-core configurations with integrated graphics and a reasonable amount of memory.

This looks like a direct attack on Intel’s NUC lineup that for several years has been the sole provider in the segment. With AMD’s CPU and APU lineups getting more and more competitive, we should see multiple similar options in the future. In fact, we’ve already seen a bunch.


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