Learn Different Ways to Personalize Your Computer

There’s a lot of personalization options that you can use to give your laptop or computer a unique appearance. Whether you want to display multiple desktops, customize your menu bar, use a darker theme over the lighter one, you can tweak your computer’s settings in a few simple steps, and the job is done.

Not just that, you can also customize the applications and programs that you use in your everyday routine. Personalizing the desktop and applications enables them to match your personality and maintain consistency.

You can personalize your computer in multiple different ways using DIY tricks. Let’s have a look at simple methods to personalize your computer.

Change Your Theme  

Your computer’s themes are the packages of screensavers, icons, and wallpapers that make up the overall interface. Users can change the entire as per the choice and preferences and can add more themes to the computer by downloading from the web. One of the easiest ways to change your theme is by using the images from the gallery to make your computer more personalized.

Customize Menu Bar

If you are using Mac, you can customize the menu bar using different options that include sizing, magnification, positioning, minimizing windows, and choosing the visual effects. You can minimize the application window into the app icon in the Dock. Moreover, you can make icons bounce on opening any app. To learn new customization features, check out setapp.com.

Paint Windows in Your Favorite Color

If you are exploring the personalization window of the Settings in Windows, tap on the Colors tab for customizing your computer. Hop over the grid and select your favorite color or click on the Custom color button for a more granular selection. To give your desktop an enhanced appearance, select the checkbox that says Automatically pick an accent color from my background.

Select an Account Picture

Customize your account with a dashing account picture and represent your computer in a more compelling way. To select your account image on Windows PC, click Settings, go to Accounts, and tap the Your Info option. Under the Create your picture option, select Camera. If you wish to capture a new picture, select Browse for one to pick it from the gallery or any other location on the computer. Setting an account picture makes your computer a little more personal.

Share Your Information With Cortana

Cortana needs to understand you better in order to serve you with the right information. Today, Cortana is more than a voice assistant and serves three major roles that include answering your queries, creating lists, and setting reminders. To allow Cortana to know more about you, go to Settings, click Cortana, and then select Permissions & History. Next, toggle permissions to allow access to the search history.

Tinker With Siri Settings on Mac

You can choose your language and voice preferences for Siri, enable and disable voice feedback, and can set the apps that Siri can learn from on your Mac. To make changes to how Siri works, choose the Apple menu, go to Siri Preferences, and click Siri. You can select Enable Ask Siri to let Siri do the everyday tasks and get quick answers to your queries. Select Allow Siri when locked to use the voice assistant even when your Mac is locked or in Sleep mode.

Use Microsoft App Store for More Personalization

One of the easiest and proficient ways to personalize and configure your laptop is to download the apps from Microsoft Store. Open the store from the Start menu or type in the name of the app in the search bar. Not all apps are available in the Microsoft Store, yet you might be able to find and download the majority of native apps that will help you boost your productivity on the computer.

Make the Dock Look Better

The Dock is one of the features that you are using quite often; it’s probably the place that gets cluttered over time. If you wish to personalize the Dock, start by decluttering it by removing the apps that you do not use often. Deleting apps from the Dock is simple as you can drag the app icon out of the Dock and release them when Remove appears. Then go to the Applications folder to add your most utilized applications to the Dock.

Change Zoom Virtual Background

The world has gone digital, and we are transitioning to the online world for work, education, shop, and more. Zoom virtual backgrounds add an all-new dynamism to the online meetings; however, adding custom backgrounds can be a way to customize things. You can use Zoom APIs to change the backgrounds, but it can be quite technical. Alternatively, you can use Script to change your Zoom virtual background every day.

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