League of Legends and Its Prime Position In The World of eSports

Many people love gaming and want to ensure they have high-quality equipment that can help them perform to the best of their abilities. However, fandom in this space extends beyond just playing these days as we also like to watch the top talent in eSports events.

This area has become a massive industry and one of the biggest names in the space is League of Legends.

A top title

According to eSports Earnings, League of Legends is one of the top games in the industry by prize money. At the time of writing, more than $93 million has been awarded to players who have competed in tournaments.

But, what does it ultimately involve? The official League of Legends site explains how it is a team-based strategy game, where two sides compete to destroy each other’s bases.

Competitions based around League of Legends take place all over the globe, with the action then culminating in the League of Legends World Championship. Earlier this month, LoL Esports confirmed the key details around the 2022 event and they gave a glimpse into just how massive this competition is.

Plenty to enjoy

The site explained how the Worlds will begin at the end of September with the Play-Ins in Mexico City. Following that, there will be Groups and Quarterfinals in New York. The semi-finals will take place in Atlanta and the finals will then be held in San Francisco in early November. In total, the Worlds will feature 24 teams from across the globe.

The event is likely to attract plenty of attention, with many fans choosing to stream the action for free on a range of platforms. However, it may pick up betting interest from across the world too, as eSports is becoming a key part of that area.

As this page on eSports betting in Australia outlines, League of Legends offers a host of wagering opportunities. For instance, it says that you can bet on match-winners and outright winners, as well as other markets like the first tower. The guide adds that Unibet is a great option for League of Legends betting, both in terms of the World Championship and other smaller events.

Action and excitement

Many different games have found their place in the world of eSports, but League of Legends is certainly one to watch. If you are keen to discover more about the action and excitement of competitive gaming, the scene around this title could be a great place to start.

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