Latest Intel Graphics Driver Upgrades the Arc A380 Core Clock by Nearly 10%

Intel has offered its Arc A380 users a nifty performance upgrade via a firmware update that increases the GPU clock by 150MHz, bringing it to 2,150MHz, up from 2,000MHz on the stock configuration. As a result of the clock upgrade, the A380 is slightly faster in every workload. The pixel and texture filtrates are also higher than the spec numbers, boosting general gaming performance post this update.

This firmware update is part of a graphics driver update that improves DirectX 11 gaming performance by up to 44% in legacy titles. A Neowin forum member was the first to report the BIOS update, with updates to the GPU-Z UI, improving clocks and various fillrates.

The graphics specifications of the Arc A380 changed as follows with the latest graphics driver:


Bios 20.0.1053
Pixel Fillrate 64.0 GPixel/s
Texture Fillrate 128.0 GTexel/s
GPU Clock 2000 MHz
Default Clock 2000 MHz


Bios 20.0.105364
Pixel Fillrate 68.8 GPixel/s
Texture Fillrate 137.6 GTexel/s
GPU Clock 2150 MHz
Default Clock 2150 MHz

Source: Neowin.


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