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KUU Lebook Pro the Best Cost-effective 2-in-1 Laptop

It is no secret, that most of us find ourselves deeply etched inside the fast-lane lifestyle. We are always on the go, juggling between meetings and presentations in the office, traveling from city to city to close deals, reading reports, perusing those cute quick kindle books in between, or finishing up those designs before the clients blow our necks. In all these, we all need a pocket-friendly laptop that has the best balance between usability, performance, and portability. #KUU Lebook Pro, the most budget 2 in 1 laptop — Budget-friendly with better performance is proving to be a worthy companion for such versatile people due to their uniquely splendid traits.

KUU (which means moon) brand was established in 2017, dedicated to creating high-quality and cost-effective notebook computers. At present, the company’s products are very popular in the United States, Japan, and many European countries, and have won unanimous praise from consumers. KUU just launched its first #2 in 1 Laptop crisply known as #KUU Lebook Pro.

Features of KUU Lebook Pro 2 in 1

To have a clearer understanding of the traits we are talking about, KUU Lebook Pro 2 in 1, the most budget 2 in 1 laptop, comes with the following adorable features at a price that you will be astonished to see! Just $859!

All metal shell, CNC integrated molding technology

It is Ultraportable and Performant. KUU Lebook Pro is the world’s first laptop to be enamored in an all-metal shell, CNC integrated molding technology creating a lightweight but sturdy solid body. It does not matter where you go or where you use it, KUU Lebook Pro is pretty light and you can slip it into your small bag without any inconveniences of load on your hands. Adorned with a smooth and natural appearance, it looks very upscale and this demeanor should not give you the slightest hint of performance issues because beneath the smiling feather-weight beauty without gaps is a giant of a worker armed with 16GB RAM DDR4 and Intel Core i7-8550U processor. It will perform beyond your expectations. Let us slip into the details.

High Performance & Large Memory

Under #KUU Lebook Pro 12.6 inch 2 in 1 laptop’s hood is the blazing Intel Core i7-8550U CPU. This CPU is a reliable engine that gets stuff done. It is loaded with a total of 4 Cores, a total of 8 threads, and a Max Turbo Frequency of 4.00 GHz to provide responsiveness and smooth and seamless multitasking. KUU 2 in 1 laptop-tablet is furthermore integrated with 9-Gen Intel UHD 620 GPU 300 MHz, to offer you all game freaks an impressive gaming experience. With a built-in LPDDR4 16GB memory and 512GB SSD PCI-E, the 2 in 1 tablet offers fast apps launch, smooth games, and video playback. You also get enough room to store your documents as well as download tons of files. What is more, you get a generous Processor Base Frequency of 1.80 GHz, and a Cache of 8 MB Intel® Smart Cache all with half the price of #Microsoft Surface.

Something important to take home is that 2-in-1 laptops are a niche category, and productive products are painfully expensive. Lebook Pro balances features and price points to deliver a more convenient and affordable experience for consumers. Such a superior space that the brand has carved for itself.
Detachable Magnetic Keyboard and Capacitive Pen

To scratch the surface, this KUU Lebook Pro computer blends well with the real world. It is designed with the understanding that people need flexibility and this laptop can very well comfortably bend over backward for you. Once you unbox it, you will see a detachable magnetic keyboard and a capacitive pen. This spells it out pretty clearly. You can easily switch between computer and tablet mode to suit various occasions. You can switch it to a Tablet when you would wish to watch your favorite shows in the field or scroll through a couple of photos as you sip your tea. In the same breath, when you would wish to type your poems or edit your interesting reports, you can hook up the detachable magnetic keyboard and it morphs into a full-blown #laptop, aiding you to type away like a boss. A point to highlight is that no Bluetooth pairing connection is required, only magnetic alignment is enough to be connected to the keyboard. Two is always better than one and KUU Lebook Pro makes this possible for you.

Heat No More

Adding badges to this well-decorated legend of a machine, KUU Lebook Pro 12.6 inch 2 in 1 is built to effectively dissipate any heat it produces as it labors for you. With the award-winning bold copper tubes conduction and 25% improved blade speed, be sure that you will not notice the irritating heat that gets under your skin as you do your work or indulge in your play.

One other feature you will notice is that you will never have to look over the bottom corner of the screen to check how much battery level is remaining. This 2 in 1 liberates you from that work because you get a whopping four (4) hours of video playback and up to seven (7) hours of office work. How much more can you ask for at the affordable price that KUU affords you? 

A Seamless Interconnection

Most devices have migrated into type C interfaces and KUU has followed the same route. You will be able to plug into the computer using the same cabling and interfaces you have been using, and hence your personal life is not affected at all. No buying new interfaces to interact with the ones you already have. KUU Lebook Pro 2 in 1 also comes with a rich earphone jack interface to enable you to plug in your booming earphone or connect to it via Bluetooth if you so wish. What about internet connectivity? You may ask. Lebook Pro enjoys a 2×2 AC + BT combo card WiFi card that will connect to all Wii frequencies and connect you to your favorite websites and movie stores. It is a limitless experience here!

Get Lebook Pro at a Special Price

We are glad to announce that there is a limited promotional period where you can get KUU Lebook Pro 2-in-1 at a wonderful discount on this Link (also added on the table). Look at the table below for your special offer with Free Shipping!

CountryProduct LinkFree ShippingOriginal Price ($)Coupon CodePrice After CodeCoupon Active Time
United StatesAmazonYes$859.99ZAG4MUU7$809.99Start:2022-3-28 05:00 PDTEnd: 2022-4-28 23:59 PDT

Get yours today and enjoy!

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