Konami’s Video Slot Cabinet Awarded ‘Best Slot Hardware In 2021’

Konami Gaming Inc. recently received an award for Best Slot Product. The award from the 20th Annual Global Gaming Business Gaming & Technology Awards has significantly boosted the company. Its video slot cabinet was chosen to be the game that sets the best example of taking strides in technology. 

Although DIMENSION 49J was launched in 2020 as the first in a new line of Konami cabinets, it is already doing very well. Its debut train-themed series All Aboard ™ ranked ‘Top 25 Grossing Parent Games-Premium Leased & WAP for ten months consecutively. 

Konami’s All Aboard series was also voted among the most anticipated premium leased games in the industry. It is still in high demand, bringing DIMENSION 49J to wide markets across the world. 

Konami’s DIMENSION 49J

Konami’s DIMENSION 49J won a gold medal in gaming industry technology awards. The company promises to deliver the best-in-class products relentlessly, and the recent awards are proof of their dedication. 

The company’s in-house development teams seek to provide properties and players with rewarding entertainment and technology options. All slot cabinets in the award-winning DIMENSION series have a beautiful silver finish, dual cup holders, dual spin buttons, a generous slant top, wired and wireless phone. 

DIMENSION 49J is in the premium category with the large-format 75-inch curved screen DIMENSION 75C and the gorgeous upper portrait screen DIMENSION TOP Box. The DIMENSION 49 portrait core cabinet has fast become an industry leader, especially with the debut series Fortune Mint ™. 

Following the success of DIMENSION 49, Konami has become more committed to supporting the market with growing core series. It is expected to offer more in regard to novel jackpot events and brand extensions. On the premium side, it seeks to build on the success of All Aboard with a high denom All Aboard Gold Express and the debut of Bull Blitz.

According to Tom Jingoli, Executive VP & Chief Operating Officer at Konami, the company will not stop delivering winning advancements to its super slots department. 

About Konami Gaming Inc.

This company is a subsidiary of Konami Holdings Corporation. It has been a top slot machine designer and manufacturer for a while. Every casino machine from the company is made from more than just an idea. The general goal is to create an experience that stimulates the mind.

The slots evoke feelings of joy, satisfaction, invigoration, and more. The most special thing about Konami and its slots is the ability to trigger emotions. 

Konami offers video poker, mechanical reel slot machines, progressive payout games, and video slots. The company doesn’t just deal with casino gaming machines. It also markets information management systems to monitor machine performance, player data, and casino floor staff.  

Like other gaming businesses, Konami is subject to strict licensing regulations. The company seeks to uphold high standards of integrity and honesty. It has secured credible licenses in 413 locations across the world. It is licensed to manufacture, service, and distribute a variety of casino management systems and gaming machines across the world. 

Why Konami Slot Machines Are Still Popular

Konami slot machines have been around for a long time and they are still popular. One of the biggest reasons for their popularity is that they have a lot to offer. These slot machines have a full range of features and playing structures. They are some of the most attractive slot machines in the United States. Here are a few reasons why:

1.     A Variety of Online Options 

Thanks to the growing online gaming and mobile environments, you’ll also find an impressive number of online and mobile slots. While the number isn’t as high as in land-based casinos, it is still remarkable. 

Konami slots are available in both highly playable and three steeper reel options. There is a wide range in between, so you are likely to find something that appeals to you. 

However, it is the video slots that truly pull crowds. There are plenty of bonus game awarding slots, and some of them give players the chance to trigger hundreds of free spins. 

2.     Konami Jackpots

Many Konami slot machines offer guaranteed hits by jackpots. When playing these slots, you are likely to find one or two progressive jackpots on offer. Random players are guaranteed to receive awards when playing regardless of stake.

 They can receive the winnings before reaching a certain value. Since Konami has been supplying and trading slot machines for a while now, they have a lot to offer. Players can always look forward to impressive offerings. 

3.     Sound Effects and Theme

Konami sound effects are hard to miss. They keep many players engrossed in their favorite slots for a long time. Every time you spin or receive a high-valued win or jackpot award, the slot plays tunes like Ode to Joy at full blast. The music is impossible to miss. 

A fair number of these slot machines have attractive Asian themes. This is no surprise as the company was founded in Osaka, Japan. The founder is still Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer in Konami. 

4.     Engaging Experience

When slots were first introduced, players were satisfied by simply watching the reels spin. However, things have changed, and companies like Konami offer a lot more to keep their players engaged. The company is taking advantage of technology to avail better sounds, animations, and graphics. The progress is clear in the quality of Konami’s games. You can have a lot of fun even on an off night. 

There are lots of pay lines that also contribute to a better playing experience. You no longer need to put up with old slots that only had one pay line. The increasing number of pay lines has made Konami’s video slots more exciting than ever. 

If you are interested in video slots that genuinely stand out, Konami has plenty of options for you to try out. They are designed and structured to appeal to the needs of different audiences. They are affordable, and you can enjoy different offerings even with a limited bankroll. (  

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