Is Remote Work Better than Office Work?

The number of people working from home has grown substantially during the last few years. This trend was initially caused by the Covid-19 pandemics. However, the development of technologies has shown workers and their employers that remote work is not the worst idea. Companies can eliminate their offices and avoid additional expenses, while employees have more flexible timetables and more spare time for hobbies and entertainment.

Of course, now people are divided into two categories – some have no idea why they used to go to the office, while others just go crazy from the lack of society. Let’s discuss the main advantages of remote work!

People Can Work at Their Own Pace

Remote employees have the opportunity to schedule their time as they wish and work comfortably without feeling exhausted. Sometimes workers cheat and make unscheduled breaks for coffee, take long naps, or take some to relax and search for entertainment. 

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Less Sick Leaves

Every person has definitely experienced a situation when they woke up with a cold and missed work due to feeling bad. While at home, it’s easier to avoid any health risks or get proper treatment in case of any illness. Moreover, many remote workers continue to carry out their duties even when they are ill, so the company also benefits from this point.

Saving Time & Money

Have you ever counted how much time you spend driving from home to work? You are the lucky one if your office is next to the place of residence, but according to statistics, people in big cities spend at least two hours a day on transport, which reaches almost 50 hours a month. 

At the same time, remote work will save this time and allow you more spare time to relax, go to the gym, or meet with friends. According to the research by Tiny Pulse Company, people working from home consider themselves more productive and mentally healthy.

Now let’s talk about money. It doesn’t matter whether you have a car or use public transport – all your travels are not free. A significant amount can also run in a month or a year, which can be set aside if you work at home. And if you think about all the costs you’ve spent to have lunch with colleagues or have a cup of coffee on your way, you will definitely be surprised. 

This is also relevant for employers since they don’t have to maintain the office if everybody works at home. Even though ordinary workers usually don’t know about such expenses, bosses face the need to invest a lot of cash in office rent, utilities, and providing proper conditions for their employees. The latter includes comfortable workplaces, snacks, coffee, and maintaining a clean space. So, the transfer of people to remote work is a benefit for both parties!

Better Concentration on the Work Process

The office is always full of life; for many, it is quite possible to focus on the work process, especially if they are in an open space. 

Someone is talking on the phone, chatting with a colleague, and constantly fidgeting in their chair. When you work from home, you will definitely not have such problems. Of course, you are never immune from noisy neighbors, but this problem is much easier to solve. As a rule, remote workers who have the opportunity to work in silence have better performance and are able to complete all tasks faster and better.

People Don’t Experience Too Much Control

It often happens that workers have too much control in the office, constantly feeling the eyes of the boss behind their back. It’s not allowed to go home even if all work is done, and a bored employee often just sits at the computer pretending to do something important. People quickly get tired of such monotony, so they do not have the strength and imagination to offer new ideas or come up with something interesting. Remote work is entirely different, and the employee can plan their own schedule without feeling total control by management.

Possibility to Work Wherever You Are

When talking about remote work, most people think about turning on their laptop on a cozy sofa and starting the working day in soft pajamas. And if you get bored with the atmosphere, you always have the possibility to leave home and visit a nice nearby coffee shop or co-working space. However, that’s not all! 

The main benefit of distance working is that you can take a flight and enjoy your daily tasks on the beach or near the Eiffel Tower. Just don’t forget to take your laptop and ensure you have a high-quality connection. Now, work is not a hindrance to such spontaneous travels!

Disadvantages of Remote Work

It’s worth noting that nothing is perfect, and working from home is not an exception. It all depends on personality: while ones are convenient when spending the whole day long at home, others feel isolated and bored. The main pitfalls of remote work are:

  • Many find it difficult to switch from household chores to the work process, which can lead to reduced productivity
  • Lack of socialization and live communication with colleagues
  • Duties are intertwined with leisure, and it’s often hard to keep the work-life balance

Moreover, employers can also face difficulties when their workers are not in the office. Even though they can significantly save resources and don’t have to maintain an office, they often find it challenging to manage the staff without face-to-face meetings. 

Gathering all employees in one place and discussing the working process is much easier for many bosses. On the other hand, technology development has given birth to many tools that can help organize online meetings.

Overall, according to Statista, the trend continues to develop, and more and more companies pass to remote work. So, is remote work good or bad? Everybody can choose the option that is more convenient for them and enjoy the working process. Now, you can objectively evaluate all its pros and cons and decide which option is the best.

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